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BKB is designed for fight fans who crave action, intensity, and most of all—big knockouts. Fights are furiously fast with up to 7 two-minute rounds. There's no time for hugging or dancing. In BKB, it's fight or lose.

THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN COMBAT SPORTS "BKB's...Emphasizing everything that action fight fans love. " - Associated Press

BKB—Big Knockout Boxing—is a new, intense, and hard-hitting combat sport that revives the knockout in boxing. Fights take place in the Pit—a small, circular altar of action that encourages big hits and knockouts galore. With no ropes or corners, the Pit forces offense and offers no relief from a fighter's brutal onslaught. Plus, with short rounds there's no time for hugging or dancing. This unique format was designed by a team of industry veterans to deliver maximum action, total aggressions and, of course, big knockouts.


The pit keeps fighters toe to toe. With no ropes and no corners, there's no choice but to engage. Plus, at just 17 feet across, it's about half the size of a traditional boxing ring—with nowhere to hide.


Strap in for two-minute rounds of pure intensity. Faster than those of traditional boxing and other combat sports, BKB rounds leave no room for evasion strategies. In BKB, it's fight or lose.


Only the fastest, strongest, most aggressive fighters are selected for BKB. These are born brawlers who are slugging their way to the top. Anything less wouldn't survive the Pit.


Depending on weight class, BKB fighters use light, 8- or 10-ounce boxing gloves. This gives them the speed they need to land as many punishing blows as possible per lightning-fast round.


Plus Six Other Fights

Cruiserweight Title

Anthony Johnson
Dimar Ortuz

Junior Middleweight Title

Eddie Caminero
David Estrada
Khurshid Abdullaev vs Ricardo Pinell
Carson Jones vs Said El Harrak
Kendo Castaneda vs Gabe Duluc
Javier Garcia vs Darnell Jiles

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BKB Unfiltered – Episode 03


Vera vs. Rosado


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"A breath of fresh air for boxing. " - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Big Knockout Boxing Signs Five Fighters To Multi-Bout Agreements

BKB Locks Down Duluc, Garcia, Abdullaev, Acevedo and Johnson For Three Fights Each

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 8, 2014, – Big Knockout Boxing (BKB), the newest and most aggressive form of boxing’s sweet science, today announced multi-fight agreements with five fighters across various weight classes. The signings underscore BKB’s goal of developing a stable of talented young fighters with natural fighting styles that align with BKB’s emphasis on high-intensity, toe-to-toe boxing action.

The boxers signed include:

  • Gabe Duluc (9-1, 1-0/BKB) – American light welterweight fighting out of Boston
  • Javier Garcia (10-3-2, 1-0/BKB) – American light welterweight and current BKB Welterweight Champion, fighting out of Oxnard, California
  • Khurshid Abdullaev (6-1-1, 1-0/BKB) – Russian light middleweight fighting out of Oxnard, California
  • Anthony Johnson (8-0, 1-0/BKB) – American cruiserweight and current BKB Cruiserweight Champion fighting out of San Jose, California
  • Herbert Acevedo (11-2, 1-0/BKB) – American light welterweight fighting out of Garden City, Kansas

All five fighters participated in BKB’s debut event at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in August, with all five delivering the all-out, toe-to-toe action BKB promises and coming away victorious.

BKB’s agreements ensure each fighter will compete in up to three BKB events, including the next scheduled fight night, set to take place in spring, 2015.

“BKB’s long-term sustainability will depend on our ability to develop a base of young talented fighters who embody the aggressive, action-packed fighting style that BKB is all about,” said Bruce Binkow, executive director for BKB. “These five fighters represent the first steps in developing that stable of talented and marketable young fighters. It will be exciting to watch them develop in the unique close-range offensive and defensive techniques that are required when fighting in The Pit.”

In addition to signing and developing young talent, BKB also remains focused on signing proven veterans to establish more prominent main event matchups and round out the fight cards for each of its events.

Developed by a team of industry veterans and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, BKB features shorter and fewer rounds with a significantly smaller fighting space, referred to as “The Pit.” With no ropes and no corners, The Pit forces offense, and offers nowhere to hide. This unique format is designed to deliver a higher level of intensity, maximum action and knockouts, all of which have been declining with conventional boxing.

BKB fighters use 8- and 10-ounce boxing gloves, with size varying, depending on the weight class. BKB rounds last two minutes in comparison to boxing’s three-minute rounds and MMA’s five-minute rounds, and fight durations vary between five-rounds (for non-championship bouts) and seven-rounds (for championship bouts).

The most noticeable difference between BKB and conventional boxing is its emphasis on close-range boxing techniques and precision punching. With shorter rounds and little room to maintain distance from opponents, fighters simply can’t afford to be inaccurate or careless in The Pit.

About BKB:

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) is a close-range form of boxing that encourages and rewards proactivity & aggression, and technical precision. The sport, led by Jon Gieselman, Alex Kaplan and Chris Long, all Co-Commissioners and Executive Producers, is designed to provide a more action-oriented and intensive form of boxing. BKB places a heightened emphasis on close-range offensive and defensive boxing techniques, precision punching and a unique strategy that effectively accounts for its unique format. For more information on BKB format, rules, events and fighters, visit